We are specialised in the recovery and transformation of plastic waste originating from industrial processing (pre-consumption), such as moulding, extrusion, blowing, screen-printing, etc.

We have been operating in the waste recovery sector for more than 20 years. We started out as a small local company in the early eighties and then developed to well beyond this territorial border.

We collect the waste plastic using our own trucks and avail ourselves of specialised personnel trained to satisfy every need, be it of small or large industries.

Our processing cycle consists of sorting, separation and subsequent grinding/crushing (volumetric adjustment).

Because of our processing technique, the material we treat can be introduced directly into a production cycle or at the next regeneration.

We recover a wide range of materials originating from the most varied sectors, and we also have capabilities to carry out grinding processes for third parties.

We work in full compliance and conformity with the latest regulations regarding waste management and materials intended for reuse (Leg. Decree 22/97 "Ronchi" and subsequent amendments)